New Awakening Recovery Services, Inc.

Providing education, guidance, and support services to recovering women and the community

About New Awakening Recovery Services, Inc.

New Awakening Recovery Services, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, located in Birmingham, AL/Jefferson County. The mission of New Awakening Recovery Services is to provide education, guidance and support services to recovering women in a healthy, sober living environment and to offer community referral services to any individual seeking help with their substance use disorder. Our goal for the sober living program is to utilize a holistic recovery support model conducive to the residents’ mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and financial recovery.

Starting Over Anew

Recovery is a process. Our team is dedicated to providing a holistic recovery support model conducive to the residents’ mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and financial recovery.

Why a sober living residential program for women?

Women who struggle with substance use disorders present with challenges that are uniquely different from their male counterparts. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (2019), “the participation by women in the drug trade is predominantly affected by socioeconomic vulnerability, trafficking, violence, intimate relationships, and economic associations.” It is also widely noted that factors such as trauma, stigmatization, and shame sometimes disrupt the recovery process for women, causing them to relapse or return to the use of drugs. While residing in our structured, comfortable, and safe sober living environment, women will receive recovery support services that are designed to meet their individual needs. Our residents not only enter a recovery program, they also enter a sisterhood that will offer them a sense of belonging and connectedness that is helpful in creating lasting and successful change.

The following data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse clearly demonstrates a need for more access to professional recovery services in Alabama.

• In 2018, Alabama had an opiate prescription rate of 97.5 (per 100 people), with more opiate prescriptions written in Alabama than any other state in the country;
• In 2020, illicit opiate use contributed to almost 70% of the overdose deaths in Alabama.

Due to the rising number of Fentanyl overdose cases, there is an increased need to provide recovery support services to individuals in the community. Also, It is reported that most women exiting inpatient drug treatment programs or being released from jail are not mentally and emotionally prepared to live independently without structure.

Having a residential facility for women served by New Awakening is the goal we are moving toward. In the meantime, the same recovery services are being given in other community facilities where recovering women reside, such as shelters and treatment facilities for women and children.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing a crisis, please call Recovery Organization of Support Specialists (ROSS) at (844) 307-1760 or the Crisis Center at (205) 323-7777 or 1(800) 273-8255.  If it’s an immediate emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.