Services are provided to the community through community-based partnerships and services provided by New Awakening’s team members. Recovering individuals are helped with career readiness, maintaining recovery, and other re-entry and reintegration services. Until our residential facility is operational, our team is prepared to find placement for any individual seeking a healthy and safe place to recover. 


New Awakening welcomes women veterans, women experiencing homelessness, domestic/sexual assault survivors who also have a co-occurring substance use disorder. Any community member expressing a need for recovery support services will be provided resources that will help them on their journey to recovery!


-When fully operational, New Awakening’s sober living program will have a no drug use policy. There will be zero tolerance of the use of illicit drugs in or away from the facility and drug tests will be given on a random basis. 

– New Awakening sober living program will not be a treatment facility or medical facility; residents or any individual needing either of these services will be referred appropriately.

Contact Us

If you are experiencing a crisis, please call the (ROSS) Recovery Organization of Support Specialist agency at (844) 307-1760 or the Crisis Center at (205) 323-7777 or 1(800) 273-8255.  If it’s an immediate emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.